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Employee Profile – Larry Hunt


Home Town: Ladysmith, B.C.

Years in the Business:  35

Moment of Truth:  35 years ago, when I asked for a one year leave of absence from Save-On Foods on Vancouver Island, and chased my dream of becoming a builder.

Years with Spani Developments: 2.5

Describe how you work: Hands on. I really need to get to know a client. I need to understand their aesthetic, their highest priorities, their no-go areas. A home renovation is by nature a very personal thing – you are literally re-making your home to better reflect your life, your tastes, your distinct sense of style.  There really isn’t much that is more personal than that.

What’s your Secret Sauce? Secret Sauce? Hmm. Maybe it’s that I go shopping with clients. It sounds funny, but if you want to understand a client’s style, personality and preferences, shopping is a great way to do it. And at Spani Developments, I have the freedom to take that time with a client. We look at furniture, paint, accessories, lighting fixtures, cabinets, you name it. The other thing I do is I create a working board. I take pictures of all the current space we’re working with, paste all the images up on a board so I can look at it holistically, and from there I start to see the whole design come together with the client. It is such a shared process, but that’s how I can ensure each client sees their dream fully realized. I don’t know how other people work – but that’s what I do. There are a lot of good builders on the coast. I know many of them. But I guess what makes us a little different is the personal approach we take, and the level of individual time and care we give to each project.

Favourite Recent Project? The latest project I completed was really lovely – a really great collaboration with the client, and a project I think we’re both proud of.



Spani Developments Before After 1


Spani Developments Before After 2




Photography: Alan Burns and Linda Sabiston